Beginner ski lessons 4 years

To start skiing in a small group and learn how to become autonomous on a green track while having fun. This course is for all children who have less than 1 week of skiing and begin at Pierrafort's child-initiation slope for improved safety.

From 4 years old :

Ski lesson with 6 children per class. These are 2hrs lessons from Sunday to Friday. Why a 2hrs lesson? Because we know that the little ones need to start skiing smoothly. The little mouse course is a real ski lesson (not a daycare) where children learn in the most playful and safe way to be autonomous on skis, and why not hit a ski slope at the end of the week under the amazed gaze of parents !! It goes without saying that all future champions will have a nice medal at the end of the week ...

for the 6 years and more : 

A ski lesson with 6 children maximum per 2h lessons from Sunday to Friday. Children 6 years and older are mentally and physically able to progress faster than toddlers. They have a course a little longer to make amazing progress and this from their first week of skiing. The goal of this course is to ski down with turns a little blue run.


The meeting point of this lesson is at the pierrafort lift.

Why? Because the only begginer slopes in valmorel are on this area so we avoid any transfer during the lesson.